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Arab-Americans Make Their Mark in Political Mainstream

Arabnews, WASHINGTON, 29 October 2003

Bush Falls From Favor Abroad, Too, If U.S. President George W. Bush was surprised on his recent trip to Indonesia by the negative image the country's Muslim leaders had of his administration, he is unlikely to be reassured by two new surveys from Latin America […]

Arab-Israeli politics split UK campuses

Aljazeera, The decision by Oxford University to suspend a professor without pay for two months for refusing to teach a former Israeli soldier has ratcheted up campus tensions and may spark an academic rebellion. Andrew Wilkie, a pathology expert at […]

A porous coastal defence

Toronto Star, In terms of Canada's capacity to defend against rogue vessels, both our east and west coasts have a lot in common with your kitchen sieve: plenty of holes; not much resistance. And the Great Lakes? Hard to believe, […]

China our boom partner

The Australian, CHINA'S rise as a manufacturing powerhouse will provide a multi-billion-dollar bonanza for Australia's mine and farm exports, and boost the rest of Asia. A report by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says China's growth will bring […]

China, US hold top level defence talks

AP, America's defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, has met his Chinese counterpart, General Cao Gangchuan, for talks on North Korea and US-Chinese military relations. The Pentagon says the session between Mr Rumsfeld and General Cao was productive and constructive. Both sides […]

New hangar at Donauworth marks 25 years of helicopter production

Eurocopter , The new F8 flight-test hangar for the multinational Tiger and NH90 programmes was officially opened today at the Eurocopter facility in Donauw

Castlebar military barracks fighting for survival

, Despite deep concern in Castlebar, the future of Castlebar Military Barracks is still in doubt. The barracks have not been in use over the past year because of health and safety concerns. This follows


Agencies, NEW DELHI: The tests of India

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