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FKR-1 and Frog Missiles at Cuban Missile Crisis

This is a discussion on FKR-1 and Frog Missiles at Cuban Missile Crisis within the Missiles & WMDs forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; There is a good article linked from FAS about Cuban Missile Crisis, It talks about Short Range Nuclear Missiles that ...

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FKR-1 and Frog Missiles at Cuban Missile Crisis

There is a good article linked from FAS about Cuban Missile Crisis,

It talks about Short Range Nuclear Missiles that US did not know about during the Cuban Missile Crisis. According to the article there is about 12 FROG missiles and 80 FKR-1 missiles ready, along SS-4 and SS-5 which only 6-8 were made operational during crisis.

Well, SS-4s and SS-5s could reach mainland USA with no problem. However on the other hand, FKR-1 missile and FROG missiles had the furthest range of 100 kms. That can't even reach Key West from Cuba. I linked my sources below, maybe I looked at the wrong source and the missiles have longer range.

I don't know that much about the Crisis, but I believe the invasion of the islands were considered seriously at least at some point. Do you think if US knew the presence of these short range nuclear missiles would, they still consider invading the island ? I think the only purpose of bringing in these missiles is to prevent an invasion rather than being used as an offensive weapon.


The Cuban Missile Crisis: A nuclear order of battle, October and November 1962

or could be reached from Federation of American Scientists

also there is a mention from miami herald as well

The untold story of the Cuban Missile Crisis - Latest News - MiamiHerald.com


Soviet Surface-to-Surface (Coastal) Missiles


9K52 Luna-M - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Considering how the USSR was able to get closer to Cuba after the Bay of Pigs Invasion failed, I don't find it surprising that you'd see shorter range missiles as a sort of strange guarantee of protection, especially given the fear of an overpowering conventional attack once the MRBMs were revealed to the US.

Also, when you link to the FROG 7, which was introduced around 1965. FROG 3, or the 2K6 Luna was much more likely to be used, having an even shorter range of 45 km and a 20 kt nuclear payload. This follows the pattern of growing support for tactical nukes, especially in Europe.
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