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usmilitarybases February 12th, 2013 05:20 PM

What do you want to know?

First of all, this is a great forum! I am glad to have found it. It is lots of activity going on here. :)

Second, I would need you guys to help me a bit..
We are doing a webpage about all the us military bases in US and abroad. And we want to ask you what you want us to write about. This webpage is intended as an information website for recruits going out to their bases, unsure of what itís like and for their spouses/family that wish to know what to expect.

The url to the page is but it wont be up and running for at least two months. But when itís done Iíll be sure to tell you guys so you can review it. :)

So.. what information do you wish for me to gather?

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