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ADF General discussion thread

This is a discussion on ADF General discussion thread within the Geo-strategic Issues forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; more on the USMC forces arriving in sunny NT unfort, no pictures on the arrival of the chinese contingent for ...

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more on the USMC forces arriving in sunny NT

unfort, no pictures on the arrival of the chinese contingent for this years exercises

The Thundering Third arrive in the Top End for Marine Rotational Force – Darwin 2017 – Aviation Spotters Online
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Originally Posted by Volkodav View Post
My argument wasn't that flat tops shouldn't have strategic length VLS, let alone no point defence or close in defence, but rather if we embraced distributed lethality and had large numbers of VLS fitted to LPDs and possibly AORs (two strategically vital to protect platforms'), as well as our destroyers and frigates, we could get away with not having them equipped with SM-3/6, Tomahawk etc.

Taking this further, if your minor combatants and even support roled minor ships on a common hull (MCM, hydro, oceanography, even dare I suggest APD / assault transports), are designed with sufficient magin, then fitting an 8 or16 cell strategic length VLS should not be an issue. These little ships could then use SM-6, ESSM, even VLASROC, Tomahawk etc. (as well as LRASM but this could also be fitted on slant launchers like Harpoon and NSM, similar applies to Sea Ceptor, RAM Block II and Nulka which can use ExLS units in VLS or other options that don't take up VLS cells). Fit CEC and/or other data links and they could conceivably add to the task forces SM-3 load out, as well as being able to employ their other weapons to far greater effect.

As to strategic length VLS on flat decks, why not? Bear in mind they would need to be located well away from flight operations to permit their use at any time, i.e. peripheral VLS installed outboard of the island or even in the starboard side of the island so that structure masks flight operations from the missile launch.
Volk it's interesting the weapons fit for Italy's aircraft carrier Cavour and the future Landing Helicopter Assult ship Trieste. Muliple Oto Melara 76mm and 25mm guns plus VLS for Aster 15 and 30 missiles.Their ageing light carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi once even had SSM to add its impressive air defence arsenal. Ambitious maybe, but for a small ship it was/is a useful of kit.
The Italians tend to put a fair bit of punch on their ships so maybe we could take note and apply were practical some of these lesson to our new supply ships and amphib's.

Regards S
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Cavour has Sylver A43 for Aster 15.
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