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Qaher 313 New Iranian Fighter Jet

This is a discussion on Qaher 313 New Iranian Fighter Jet within the Air Force & Aviation forum, part of the Global Defense & Military category; Originally Posted by SpudmanWP 7. The airspeed dial (upper left of console) redlines at 250-275 knots ... We've seen 1st ...

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Old February 2nd, 2013   #46
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Originally Posted by SpudmanWP View Post

7. The airspeed dial (upper left of console) redlines at 250-275 knots

... We've seen 1st hand what a cockpit, landing gear, the skin, etc actualy look like and feel like.
275 knots = 510 km/h

So, it appears that the Iranian F-313 flights with no more that 510 km/h. At this speed you do not need more cockpit and landing gear technology than a plane from 1935.

Do not compare some large supersonic fighter jets, you may have seen, with F-313.
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At least planes from 1935 had a canopy that you could lock closed and switches that could actually be reached.

But what the heck, I'll give you that they made their own plane from 1935 tech
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I have come out of reading this post dumber for the experience....

Simplex, henaselakesan if you're going to try and have a technical argument with people then you picked the wrong people to challenge, all of the posters trying to be reasonable and discuss actual technical issues are long term members who have a significant degree of credibility - it would be wiser for you to pause and understand rather than doing the Don Quixote

its apparent that both of you understand little about LO/VLO aircraft constructs/conops, let alone the technical issues surrounding aircraft design into a modern force construct.

Thread closed for discussion by Mod team, but I wouldn't bank on it getting re-opened
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